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How Do I Log in?

 Your log in is first name initial + last name, for example 'John Smith' = 'jsmith' , but becareful, some names come with hiphens or number values!!! ( 'jsmith-doe' or 'jsmith2')

Your password is your student ID number, unless you changed that information in your Alliant e-mail (if you change your password there it will change in all the Alliant systems!).

All this information above is the same way you normally log in to the Alliant computers, Portal and e-mail.

If you don't know that information contact the Alliant Helpdesk at or Telephone: 858-635-4357 and select option 8.

How Do I Check My Email?

To access your email go to The login is the same login you use to login to Moodle, except you must type in "at/" before the username if you are a student and "alliant/" before the username if you are a faculty or staff member. For example a student named Jane Doe has an account is jdoe, so her login to the email is at/jdoe.

Turn it in Moodle Assignment Instructions:

Picture is a plagiarism detection service available to the faculty at Alliant International University. Students submit their papers electronically, and then Turnitin compares the content of those papers to over a billion other papers and documents. Whenever similarities between a student's paper and an existing document are found, Turnitin highlights those similarities, providing the instructor with an annotated document showing both the student's paper and the original source.

Turn it in PDF Manual:

Student Instructional Manual
Click on the link for information on submitting a turn it in assignment in Moodle. You can save a copy of the file on your computer once you have accessed the file.

Viewing your Originality Report in Turn it in:

After you have posted your paper to turn it in via Moodle, it will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes to compare it with papers on other databases. Follow the instructions given below to access your originality report:

1.) Click on the Assignment link in Moodle that you submitted the turn it in paper.

2.) Click on the "Submit" link which will re-direct you to turn it in.

3.) Under "Originality report" click on the icon that shows a percentage of how similar your paper is to what is on the web or other student papers.

4.) A pop up window will open that will show the similarity index and the source to the right. To the left of the paper will be the paper you submitted to turn it in. When you click on the numbers within the similarity index next to the source it will take you to the section where that link is located on your paper to the left.